Waushacum algae pods?

I think these are algae spore pods, though some self appointed experts claim they are fish eggs. Funny, though, that I took these pics in mid to late August. Judging from all the smallfry kivers and bass I spotted in June, when I first went out testing the underwater cameras, I am pretty confident the fish had already spawned then. More photos and clarification to come.
Waushacum algae podMore Waushacum algae


About iamacat
Professional writer and multimedia artist. Having studied Japanese and other non-roman alphabet using languages, I appreciate the particular frustrations of language learners in the computer world. I enjoy helping people get their multilingualization going, no matter what operating system or desktop environment they happen to be in. Being an open source enthusiast, I push uim and anthy without reservation in *nix environments. Although lately, ibus has made things easy in modern Linux distributions, to the point of making much of these old posts moot.

2 Responses to Waushacum algae pods?

  1. Jan-Marie says:

    Just this week, August 2010, I found similar jelly-like balls on the lake bottom here in Upstate New York. I found one large one, about 6″ diameter and two smaller ones nearby. Didn’t make an effort to look further. There may e more. These were in 3 feet of water depth.
    Did you ever find out what they are? Animal? Plant? ??

  2. Jesse says:

    I found one of these that looked just like the picture, but bigger. I thought it was fish eggs and i wanted to know which kind

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