More underwater pics

You may be asking yourself, “What is it with this guy and these fish?”. As part of my professional writing career, I was lucky enough to review a bunch of cameras for the Rugged/Waterproof section of a soon to be on newstands annual gear oriented magazine. And of course, the most demanding testing ground for my rigorous reviews was good ol’ Lake Waushacum (or as the locals refer to it, What’s shakin’?!!!) , a local body of water in which I’ve spent a good part of my life swimming, canoeing, and being a general terror to the local wildlife (we were tough on the frog and crayfish population as kids, but it was mostly educational). So, there’s a lot more where this came from. As you can see below, the crayfish remain, despite our youthful enthusiasm for their vivsection in the name of science. This highly staged shot was taken at about five feet deep with a Panasonic Lumix digicam in a heavy duty impermeable case, suitable for scuba diving to forty meters . I moved the rock he was hiding under, and waited for the dust to settle, all the while regulating a leaky, fogging mask and a snorkel that kept dipping under, choking me with mouthfuls of Waushacum goodness. Many more slightly blurry, seven megapixel kiver pics where these came from.



Author: iamacat

Writer Having studied Japanese and other non-roman alphabet using languages, I appreciate the particular frustrations of language learners in the computer world. I enjoy helping people get their multilingualization going, no matter what operating system or desktop environment they happen to be in. Being an open source enthusiast, I push uim and anthy without reservation in *nix environments. Although lately, ibus has made things easy in modern Linux distributions, to the point of making much of these old posts moot.

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