That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

Just browsing the OLPC wiki, and had to mention this page about how the project is working in Nigeria. It explains in a concrete manner what the project is all about. It’s simply fantastic to see OLPC shatter traditional notions of aid, education, and technology’s role in both. I was particularly blown away by the dictionary project:

Five primary 4 children are working on a dictionary of their local languages, and working on here means constructing. The project has been modified from a list of words that Abiword (the word processing software activity) did not recognize to a formal-looking local language to English dictionary. They split the team into two to work on two different local languages simultaneously. It is simple but outstanding work. These children work on their dictionary project during school hours in between class assignments, when otherwise they would be restless. Other projects have started in one group, and then, as it evolves, some children from other groups join in.

I mean, come on, people! These little kids are writing dictionaries! I don’t know of any better example to look at and say, no, this is not just a hardware project, it’s a learning project. The best is yet to come.


Author: iamacat

Writer Having studied Japanese and other non-roman alphabet using languages, I appreciate the particular frustrations of language learners in the computer world. I enjoy helping people get their multilingualization going, no matter what operating system or desktop environment they happen to be in. Being an open source enthusiast, I push uim and anthy without reservation in *nix environments. Although lately, ibus has made things easy in modern Linux distributions, to the point of making much of these old posts moot.

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