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Thanks, Debian.


And now for something completely different…

I’ve been off the grid a bit these last few momentous days. After detoxing from a steady stream of CSPAN, MSNBC, FOXNEWS, and all the rest for a while, I’m back to my usual level of procrastination. Now we’re all speculating about who this new president will bring with him, and whether or not the political climate will be different enough to have any tangible effect beyond the oohs and ahs of this honeymoon period. The optimist in me wants to say something will change, has changed already, just to get the new guy in there.

It was great to hear the UFO conspiracy crowd going manic explaining to George Noory the implications of having a new president for finally getting the truth out on the government UFO cover up. Hilarious. I can’t wait. As soon as he gets us out of two wars, defeats terrorism while restoring respect for The Constitution and international law, solves the credit crisis, revives the economy…THEN maybe we’ll get to the bottom of this flying saucer business. I hope the kids get to adopt their puppy first.

Next time: My Windows IME explorations with free software.

You can’t give that away!

Just a quick note to get the word out on Trend Micro and their newly adopted “let’s sue our customers” going out of business strategy. Being a long-time user of ClamAV on various Windows boxen, I’m taking this a little personally. I have to say I’m surprised Trend Micro’s patent claim hasn’t been challenged before. Looks like the big anti-virus players just paid up at the first sign of trouble. The graphic offered by the Scriptum Libre folks is just a bit too hideous, so I hope their banner will suffice.medium size scriptum libre

More WordPress Goodness

I just got one more reason to be glad my blog is here on I’ll be taking advantage of the expanded storage to get more photography, video, and perhaps some music up here. Currently I’m trying to get some ideas together and pitch articles on politics and language for print somewhere. Blogging it out a bit will be helpful. Working on consistency. Or should that be “on being consistent”?