Hacking the “toy” delay pedal

The First Act delay pedal has some great old slapback and other delay features. I usually just use it to minimally fatten up mostly clean sounds, or for some classic rockabilly tape delay emulation.
One flaw that made it unusable was the volume boost when switching off the pedal; not much of a bypass. It’s quite jarring. Enter the Clay Jones mod.









The only glitch was once I got the thing open and got the first capacitor removed, the whole left side potentiometer linkage fell apart. The glob of wax or polymer goo holding it together was dried out and just came undone. Had to strip back the leads and re-attach them one by one. Added an extra half hour or so to the job. So far seems to be holding.
One final annoyance was the black knobs and their invisible indented dots to display level. Three tiny drops of paint later, and it’s a little more readable, especially on the floor.
This is not a how to; there’s plenty of documentation out there on this. But just to let it be known it does work. Happy modding, hackers!